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Made to the highest quality and standards using only Grade 5 6AL/4V Titanium. Rolled threads and polished to give a very attractive finish and long lasting colour


All our Titanium Anodising is done in-house this way we get to control the finish. Every item is Anodised one at a time to give the very best finish you can get.


We are that proud of our products that Every Titanium item we sell comes with a lifetime warranty. We re-anodising for the life of the fasteners.

TIBIKE Titanium fasteners.

We guarantee all our Nuts Bolts washers and anodising.

Aerospace Grade 5 6AL/4V Titanium fasteners Supreme Quality.

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What we do

Titanium anodising is a process of converting the thin surface layer of Titanium into Titanium dioxide. An oxidisation process happens naturally with titanium, which leads to its excellent anti-corrosion properties.  However, when anodised oxidation is far thicker and more durable. 

The interesting feature with Titanium anodising is that the thickness of the oxide layer, directly effects the colour of the material. The colour produced is an example of ‘structural’ colouration because the colour comes from light scattering through the oxide layer. Some of the light bounces off the oxide layer and some travels through and bounces off the substrate. Adjusting the oxide level of titanium surfaces changes the spectrum of light and therefore the perceived colour of the part. 

Aerospace Grade 5 6AL/4V Titanium

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