Purple Titanium Stem bolts

Quantity | 6 Bolts in total With 1 m6 x35mm Titanium stem cap bolt Thread length | 15mm – 25mm    Thread width | 5mm Tool size | 4mm Allen hex key Thread pitch | 0.8mm Grade | 6AL/4V Grade 5 Colour | Please choose from the menu Customer Service. Contact us | 08007720937 Email us | Click to Email LifeTime warranty | Information Read more about Purple Titanium Stem bolts[…]

bronze titanium

Bronze Titanium bolts fresh anodising TiBike

We have just finished anodising some bronze titanium bolts for a very special customer, all bolts were anodised slowly and one by one to create the perfect finish we have to say they are one of favourite colours,   happy riding   TiBike