M6 Titanium Hex flange bolts.

M6 race Drilled Flange bolts

Now in stock, Grade 5 M6 Titanium hex flange bolts and hex flange drilled.

  • Bolt size | M6 = Thread width    
  • Quantity | 1 Bolt in total 
  • Thread length | 10mm – 50mm   
  • Thread width | 6mm
  • Tool size | 8mm Socket head 
  • Thread pitch | 1.0mm
  • Grade | 6AL/4V Grade 5

How To Measure.

Please note the socket of the bolt does not determine the bolt size! This is really important and a common mistake made.

Watch a brief video on how to measure ClickMe or scroll to the bottom of this page.

Technical Information.

 All bolts are polished to a very high standard

Rolled threads for better fatigue resistance and to avoid galling

Heat treated to 950Mpa~1000Mpa

Tensile strength Heat treated to 1000 MPA

Yield strength: 870Mpa~925Mpa(126,000psi~134,000psi)


Every Titanium fastener is anodised using a Niobium Anodising bath each piece is carefully cleaned and anodised separately from other parts, This procedure is time-consuming and guarantees a perfect result every time. We also offer a lifetime warranty on our anodising.

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