Titanium rotor bolts M5 x 10mm low profile


Tibike‘s Titanium rotor bolts are perfect for a lowprofile setup. These M5 x 10mm bolts are lightweight, durable and corrosionresistant, making them ideal for your next cycling project.
Titanium Rotor Bolts M5 x 10mm | Low Profile | Shop TiBike UK

All TiBike Bolts come with a Lifetime warranty. Order now for next day delivery.

  • Bolt Sizes – 12 x M5 x 10mm Button Head Beautifully Made with low profile Amazing Quality.
  • Head – T25 Torx Head
  • For All – Compatible 6 hole Hubs
  • Colours – Bronze – Purple – Blue – Ice Blue – Gold – Rose Gold.
  • for more information please feel free to contact us on 08007720937.

When it comes to bicycle components, titanium disc brake rotor bolts are one of the most versatile and reliable parts. Titanium is a lightweight, corrosionresistant metal that is becoming increasingly popular in the cycling world. These titanium bolts are specifically designed to attach the rotor to the wheel hub and are made to be incredibly strong and durable.

Titanium is becoming a popular choice for disc brake rotor bolts because it is incredibly strong and lightweight. This makes it perfect for highperformance cyclists who want to reduce the overall weight of their bike. Titanium is also very corrosionresistant, so it wont corrode or rust over time like other metals. These bolts come in a variety of sizes and grades, so you can find the perfect fit for your specific bike.

Grade 5 titanium is the highest grade of titanium available for disc brake rotor bolts. This grade is often used in aerospace, military, and medical applications, so you know its incredibly strong and reliable. Grade 5 titanium is also incredibly lightweight, so it wont add too much extra weight to your bike.

When it comes to installation, titanium disc brake rotor bolts are incredibly easy to install. They are designed to be selflocking, so they wont come loose while youre riding. Titanium bolts also dont require extra lubrication, so you dont have to worry about them rusting or seizing up over time.

Overall, titanium disc brake rotor bolts are an excellent choice for any cyclist who wants a reliable, lightweight, and corrosionresistant component. Grade 5 titanium is the highest grade available and will provide the best performance and durability. If youre looking for a reliable and lightweight component for your bike, look no further than titanium disc brake rotor bolts.


Black, Blue, Bronze, Gold, Ice Blue, Natural Polished Silver, Purple, Rainbow, Rose Gold


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