M5 Titanium Bolts Tapered head

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  • Bolt size | M5 = Thread width, not the tool size             
  • Quantity | 1 Bolt in total            
  • Thread length | 10mm – 50mm   
  • Thread width | 5mm
  • Tool size | 4mm Allen hex key
  • Thread pitch | 0.8mm
  • Grade | 6AL/4V Grade 5


100% Genuine Grade 5 6AL/4V Titanium bolts with a lifetime warranty.  For more help you can call us free on 08007720937

  • Bolt size | M5 = Thread width, not the tool size             
  • Quantity | 1 Bolt in total 
  • Thread length | 10mm – 30mm   
  • Thread width | 5mm
  • Tool size | 4mm Allen hex key
  • Thread pitch | 0.8mm
  • Grade | 6AL/4V Grade 5
  • Colour | Please choose from the menu

Customer Service.

  • Contact us | 08007720937
  • Email us | Click to Email
  • LifeTime warranty | Information
  • Video help | ClickMe
  • Returns | You can return items for up to 90 Days
  • Shipping | All items are shipped on the same day as purchase (Exclude Sundays)
  • Anodising | Every fastener comes with lifetime anodising warranty

How To Measure.

Please note the socket of the bolt does not determine the bolt size! This is really important and a common mistake made.

Watch a brief video on how to measure ClickMe or scroll to the bottom of this page.

Technical Information.

 All bolts are polished to a very high standard

Rolled threads for better fatigue resistance and to avoid galling

Heat treated to 950Mpa~1000Mpa

Tensile strength Heat treated to 950Mpa~1000Mpa

Yield strength: 870Mpa~925Mpa(126,000psi~134,000psi)


Every Titanium fastener is anodised using a Niobium Anodising bath each piece is carefully cleaned and anodised separately from other parts, This procedure is time-consuming and guarantees a perfect result every time. We also offer a lifetime warranty on our anodising.

Additional information


Blue, Bronze, Gold, Ice Blue, Natural Polished Silver, Purple, Rose Gold

Thread Length

10mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm

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1 review for M5 Titanium Bolts Tapered head

  1. Harvey

    Thankfully the guys at Tibike know their stuff! I ordered incorrectly M4 for what I wanted and the called me up and said “are you sure?” 🙂
    I wanted something to replace the rusty and ugly bolts on my winter bike downtube stoppers. These at 10mm are ideal. I ordered 2 others with a view to also using in the same place on my summer bike. Then I realised these could also be used to replace the rusty bolts on my otherwise shiny silver Campagnolo brakes. Now those also look loads better, although I should probably get Ti M5 washers to go with them later. These little things really finish off the look of your bike.
    I can only recommend Tibike, for a number of reasons. They are very helpful, knowledgeable, reasonably priced, and a fast service.

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