M6 Titanium Bolts Cap socket head

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  • Quantity | 1 Bolt in total            
  • Thread length | 10mm – 65mm   
  • Thread width | 6mm
  • Tool size | 5mm Allen hex key
  • Thread pitch | 1.0mm
  • Grade | 6AL/4V Grade 5
  • Size | M6 = Thread width, not the tool size

100% Genuine Grade 5 6AL/4V Titanium bolts with a lifetime warranty.  For more help you can call us free on 08007720937

  • Bolt size | M6 = Thread width, not the tool size
  • Quantity | 1 Bolt in total 
  • Thread length | 10mm – 45mm   
  • Thread width | 6mm
  • Tool size | 5mm Allen hex key
  • Thread pitch | 1.0mm
  • Grade | 6AL/4V Grade 5
  • Colour | Please choose from the menu

Customer Service.

  • Contact us | 08007720937
  • Email us | Click to Email
  • LifeTime warranty | Information
  • Video help | ClickMe
  • Returns | You can return items for up to 90 Days
  • Shipping | All items are shipped on the same day as purchase (Exclude Sundays)
  • Anodising | Every fastener comes with lifetime anodising warranty

How To Measure.

Please note the socket of the bolt does not determine the bolt size! This is really important and a common mistake made.

Technical Information.

 All bolts are polished to a very high standard

Rolled threads for better fatigue resistance and to avoid galling

Heat treated to 950Mpa~1000Mpa

Tensile strength Heat treated to 950Mpa~1000Mpa

Yield strength: 870Mpa~925Mpa(126,000psi~134,000psi)


Every Titanium fastener is anodised using a Niobium Anodising bath each piece is carefully cleaned and anodised separately from other parts, This procedure is time-consuming and guarantees a perfect result every time. We also offer a lifetime warranty on our anodising.



Blue, Bronze, Gold, Ice Blue, Natural Polished Silver, Purple, Rose Gold

Thread Length

10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm

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3 reviews for M6 Titanium Bolts Cap socket head

  1. Harvey (verified owner)

    My most recent order was to replace the unsightly rusty bolts on a couple of bikes. Most components on bikes are fine but anyone using a damp workshop for storage will find the bolts are what goes and can take the edge off the look of a bike, and run the risk of eventually failing at a crucial moment (especially on stems). The first thing I got in this order was 20mm M6 bolts to replace the four bolts attaching the disc brakes to my 29er mountain bike, and included Ti washers. The second was a replacement bolt for my winter road bike seat clamp. Now installed these look great and will always shine unlike the rusted bolts they replaced. One tip also is use some copper slip on the threads when installing Ti into Aluminium so reduce any interaction and seizing risk.

  2. Peter

    I ordered literally at 4 pm, and the bolts arrived at 8.30 am Tibike uses magic to send parcels, So thanks, I did order 4 screws, but only 2 came I emailed them to say that the order was short, 2 min after I sent the email I got a phone call from a lovely lady named Jodie from customer services she apologised and said this was a genuine mistake and the bolts would be shipped out in the next 30 min . This was 9.30 am when I spoke to Jodie at the exact time 8.30 the next day I go my order, not the two that was missing but the four I ordered in the first place. My point is this is the best customer service I have ever had on the internet let alone on the high street I just wish every business I purchased from was the same 10 million stars from me and thanks tibike i will be back

  3. mark

    Epic service

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