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TiBike are experts in the manufacturing of Titanium grade 5 Nuts and bolts and Fasteners in all titanium alloys. If you need Nuts, Bolts, or any other Fasteners then please send your requirements to sales@tibike.co.uk for an immediate quotation.
These specially manufactured items are used in a wide range of Industries, where the materials are selected for their corrosion resistance and high performance in extreme environments.

Titanium TI grade 5

Titanium Grade 5 is 30% stronger than Steel but nearly 40% lighter than steel, Titanium is stronger and has excellent strength retention. Due to Titanium’s weight, strength and high corrosion resistance it is very popular in various manufacturing industries including aerospace , and motor sports .


Rolled threads on all fasteners, a process which accurately compresses the thread into the surface of the bolt, increasing the strength of the thread.

This helps our Titanium bolts achieve an incredible strength range between Class 9.9 and Class 11.9 alloy steel equivalent bolts, with a Tensile Strength of 950 MPa (138,000 psi).

We recommend applying either Copaslip or TiPrep to prevent galling especially when fitting Titanium bolts with Aluminium parts. OEM Torque settings should apply.

Bicycle Titanium fasteners


At TiBike we offer a range of custom colours and custom made parts please feel free to contact us for more information or visit our website

0800 772 0937 (free)




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